People have different preferences when it comes to having kinks in their sex life, just like they do with ice cream flavors. While no one kink-shames anymore, the most challenging part of having distinct turn-ons is that you won’t find a lot of partners with the same interests. Even though you may decide to settle for a while and try to let go of your desires, there is a good chance that you will end up lonely and sad in the long run. On the bright side, you always have the option to hire an escort from listcrawlers with the same kinks to quench your sexual desires. 

Not only will the escorts on helps you indulge in your fantasies, but they will also let you explore without the fear of being judged. When you book your escort, share the list of things that will do it for you. 

The common kinds of kinks:

Let’s take a look at the common kinds of fetishes for which you can hire an escort. 

Impact play:

Impact play is very common, and you won’t have any difficulty finding the right escort for you. This usually includes consensual spanking, or striking, and is the entry point of BDSM. 


If you have had fantasies about having a doctor or a policewoman, role-playing may be a healthy option for you. Pursuing women like that can seem borderline creepy, and the chances of you getting lucky are very slim. The best way is to hire an escort and get her to dress up as the woman of your dreams.

Foot fetish:

The thing is, telling people about your kinks, especially your foot fetish, can brand you as an outcast. Foot fetish is something that people typically look down upon. Not only that, telling a regular woman that you have a foot fetish can leave them rattled. Not all women or partners will embrace it with open arms. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of, as it is a very common fetish. You can get in touch with escorts on listcrawlers who are comfortable with your interests. The best part is that no one will judge you for your unique taste. 

Anal sex:

Even a lot of non-fetishists have anal sex. So, this is kind of like a safe zone. As a result, finding an escort for this particular service is quite easy. However, if it’s your first time doing anal sex, you should read up on the best practices for doing it. 

Start by stocking up on lube and condoms. Using a condom during the penetration is a must, and it’s a very bacteria-prone area. Also, since the area itself is not self-lubricating, using enough lube will make sure there are no scratches or tears. 

Sensation play:

During sensation play, you can blindfold your escort and introduce a lot of objects and textures. This generally includes things like ice cubes, feathers, and cold metals.

Sensation play can be a lot of fun; just make sure that you are only bringing in things and objects that were approved beforehand.


People who love the sensation right before an orgasm are into edging. During edging, the partner often comes to a stop right when the other partner is about to orgasm. By repeating this, the submissive partner can enjoy the sensation for as long as they like. 

This is also a form of domination, and the Dom often loves it when the other person begs them to keep going. 


Another common kink is bondage, where one partner takes the reigns over another and binds them with objects. When you hire an escort, make sure that there is consent and that there is a safe word.


The first step to having an out-of-this-world sexual encounter is to be honest with yourself. Make a list of all the things you wanted to do during sex but never got the chance to. If you experience a mental fog, close your eyes and think of all the things that turn you on. If you can get off easily, you have your answers. 

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